Kevin Powell Design

Great design is more than making something look pretty, it’s also making sure that it serves it’s purpose.

wireframing sketches

I love making good looking websites, but I never let that distract me from keeping the purpose of each website front and center.

You’re website has a purpose, whether that is generating leads, pushing sales or getting newsletter subscribers.

That purpose is what drives my design.

Some people have clear goals in their mind from the start, but more often, they are uncovered through conversation. It’s by talking with you and finding out as much about yourself, your company and products, and your clients, that I’ll actually be able to put together a solid solution that will get you results.

A focus on usability, for both you and your customers

I build websites with WordPress using the Genesis framework. You might not care about the technical details, but this lets me make a website that you can control later on, adding and editing content yourself, and using a platform that is trusted, secure and reliable. While your visitors’ experience is what’s most important to you, I also want to make sure your experience as awesome as possible.

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